The recreation complex “Wind Rose” is in the village of Upper Fiagdon in Kurtat Gorge of North Ossetia. The unique climate helps you to rest here and restore energy in any season. A simple walk here is a rherapy in a way.

Oro therapy is a therapy by mountain climate which was known as early as in the 19th century. Many years of search for suitable zones for treating various respiratory diseases led the scientists to the Caucasus. Both physicians and traditional practitioners knew about the curing effect of the climate in this region. The expedition was headed by the world famous scientists, the founder of this sub discipline, academician of RAS Andrei Ado.


Finally, after long research, the All-union allergy laboratory determined the part of the healthy climate in the North Caucasus. It starts from Kislovodsk, goes through the vicinity of mount Elbrus up to the territory of North Ossetia to its mountain basins: Unal, Fiagdon, Dargavs up to Chmi. It is here that you can have the maximum effect from the mountain air. It will help you in treatment of inflammation in bronchi, remove spasms, stimulate metabolic processes, remove choking fits and asthma.

The climate of Kurtat gorge facilitates the treatment of various lung diseases. The recreation complex “Wind Rose” offers a complex treatment, including fresh and clean mountain air and medical treatment. Our recreational centre will help with treatment in pneumonology, cardiology, allergy and immunology.