Treatment and rehabilitation

"ROSE WIND"- is a recreation complex, where pneumonology, cardiology, immunology and nutrition diseases are cured. With special equipment our specialists will be able to help you and your body with recovery and rehabilitation.


In the recreation centre "ROSE WIND" A special attention is paid to the respiratory diseases treatment. We equipped a salt cave (halochamber) especially for the treatment of respiratory diseases.

Halotherapy is an environment saturated with dry aerosols of salts with lots of small particles that restore the functions of the bronchi and external respiration when inhaled. As a result of halotherapy there is either a complete recovery, healing of the disease, or its long-term remission in the case of protracted or chronic nature of the disease.

In the process of halotherapy the body defense mechanisms are launched, its hidden reserves are activated aimed at recovery.

And also we practice two types of therapeutic effects by inhalation: natural and artificial. You get natural inhalations 24 hours a day simply by inhaling the mountain air saturated with phytoncides of medicinal plants.We carry out artificial inhalations in the inhalation as prescribed by a doctor with the help of well-proved aerosol devices. Mixtures of essential oils, mineral water, various medicines are used as fillers for inhalers.


In the middle of 70-s of the last century large-scale studies of mountain regions started under the direction of a scientist with a worldwide reputation academician of the RAS A.D. Ado, in order to identify areas suitable bronchial asthma treatment. Tien-Shan - in Kyrgyzstan, Bakuriani - in Georgia, Elbrus region - in Kabardino-Balkaria, Unal, Dargavs and Fiagdon in North Ossetia resulted to be the most favorable climatic conditions.

There are more sunny days per year in the mining village than in Davos Switzerland. Fiagdon is geographically located in the so-called "rain shadow" strip, which is characterized by low rainfall and the presence of a large number of sunny days. The valley is surrounded by a dense ring of high mountains from all sides, which protect it from the effects of cold winds and moisture-bearing fogs.

At the same time the local air circulation is well pronounced here: valley and mountain winds create a comfortable temperature and lower humidity. Winter is warm and summer is cool here. Basically, these positive factors explain the absence of patients with bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and pneumonia in the microdistrict.


Your health– is the subject of our qualified specialists’ attention.

The recreation centre “ROSE WIND” offers its guests - adults and children - diagnostics, prevention and rehabilitating recovery treatment of the following:

  respiratory diseases,
   cardiovascular diseases,
   musculoskeletal system diseases,
   gynecological and urological diseases,
   allergic and immunological conditions,
   gastrointestinal tract diseases.

All medical rooms are provided with modern equipment, so the treatment will be carried out in a most professional way. We shall choose an individual health care for you, which will help to recover and maintain your health.