The Midagrabin Waterfalls

The way to the waterfalls lies through the valley of Midagrabin, stretching along a great distance. It is surrounded by picturesque landscape of mountains, paths, rivers and green fields and meadows. The valley ends in the so-called Midagrabin horse-shoe- a semicircular giant barrier of vertical rocks blocking the way to the glaciers Zeigalan, Donzhety, Dzhimara mountain. It is these glaciers which give a start to the Midagrabin waterfalls.

The name of the waterfalls is translated from the Ossetian language as “situated inside”. Multilevel water flows fall down the rock walls from 3000 metres above.

The valley counts about 50 waterfalls. Fifteen of them are large, seven are drying (it depends on season) and 8 are permanent. All of them are qualified as high-rise waterfalls. The perennial waterfalls have their names: Crystal, Green, Flying water and Zeigalan (falling avalanche). The main beautiful and powerful waterfall is Zeigalan or the Big Zeigalian waterfall which resembles a falling avalanche, starting from under the hanging glacier. Its free fall height is 600 metres.

The waterfall is cascade and it’s divided by a step-ledge in the middle. The wind picks up the flow of water and, breaking it into millions of splashes, creates icy freshness, which is felt at the foot of the cliff.

The water is crystal clear and suitable for drinking. However, it is very dangerous to swim in it: streams of water can knock you down , also they carry lots of stones from the height. Ice blocks can fall with a roar from the tongue of the hanging glacier, scattering into small pieces.

The weather in the valley of waterfalls is unstable: sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes everything darkens from the thick rain clouds, then blind rain goes after thunderstorm. The Midagrabin waterfalls are called “Ghost waterfalls” because of clouds or fog hiding them in a matter of seconds.

Waterfalls head the list of "Seven Wonders of the Caucasus" and attract many tourists at any time of the year. Once you’ve been here, you will feel the power and greatness of nature.