The village of Dargavs - known as the City of the Dead - one of the famous sights of the Kurtat gorge, is located in the south-western slope of the Maiden Mountain. This historical monument is a complex of two and four storied buildings, which used to be family tombs.

Visiting the Dargavs necropolis is a must for every tourist and resident of the republic. This place is essential for studying the history of the Ossetian people, its way of life and its art. The “City of the Dead” dates back to the 14th century, and its latest buildings belong to the 18th century. It was used for massive burials during the plague, which took away tens of thousands of people.

Whole families died out and were buried in surface vaults. Once you get here you feel the silent magnificence of these ancient buildings. It seems that the nature itself protects the people buried in this place. Calmness and peace reign here.

Looking around you can notice ruined watchtowers, which once stood on guard of the Village of Dargavs. Despite the fact that time and wars left nothing but ruins, they still have those charms of former greatness and power.