Mountain auls

There are various small villages and auls in the Kurtat Gorge. Its administrative center is the mining village Fiagdon. Here you can see sights such as local History museum and some monuments. The road leads through the Upper Fiagdon to the mountain aul of Latz, where the ancient Nart cemetery is located. These are underground stone vaults in which the Narts are said to have buried their dead.

The village of Tsimiti is located on the left bank of the Fiagdon river at the hillside of the Kariu-Khokh. The founder of it was Tsimiti - a warlord of the last Alanian tsar Os-Bagatar. This village is worth visiting to watch the monuments of Ossetian architecture, walk along the narrow streets among the abandoned towers and crypts. Above Tsimiti you can notice the ruins of the watchtowers of Halgon aul.

Nowadays only a few thousand of people live in the Kurtat Gorge. This makes the historical auls which were abandoned and deserted a very interesting place to visit: Dzivgis, Mairamkau, Jizi, Atsonaga, Ualasikh, Kadat and Fardygdon. Here you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Alanian history.