On the left bank of the Fiagdon river there lies the village of Dzivgis. The main sight of this place is the Dzivgis fortress- one of the most powerful fortifications in North Ossetia, There is a legend that the Dzivgis fortresses stood in the way of Kyzylbash shah Abbas I to Kurtat Gorge.

The fortification consists of six towers built on to the entrances of caves on different levels. The largest fortification is situated on the lowest level at the foot of the mountain. It can be reached by reveted stairs. Behind the stone wall there is the large Dzivgis cave which could house about a hundred people. In Dzivgis there are many surface vaults (the so-called “ Dzappaz”), tomb stones (“Tsyrts”) and stone burial boxes dating back to different periods.

In the southern suburbs of the village at the bank of the river there is the most interesting cult complex “Dzivgis Dzuar (sanctuary). It consists of a Christian temple and a pagan sanctuary, surrounded by a common stone fence. This combination is very common for the mountainous part of Ossetia. The exact date of the building is not known, but it is considered to date back to the 17th century.

Anybody who wants to touch the great history can visit the Dzivgis Towers, feel the power and grandeur of ancient buildings.