Kurtat gorge

The Kurtat gorge – is one of the main place where Ossetian people and their traditional culture were formed since the early Middle ages. This place is a must-see for every guest visiting our republic, as here you can fully enjoy natural and historical sights.

A large number of watch and military towers attract attention by their original forms and location. The landscape would lose its originality without the towers which merged so much with it, becoming a part of this usual picture. Once you have visited this gorge, you will never remain indifferent.

    Kadargavan Canyon

Kadargavan Canyon — a true natural wonder – is a favourite place of a mass tourist pilgrimage and rest for the locals. The river of Fiagdon has cut a narrow 60 metre crack through the lime rock, thus making an impression of a rock, cut by a magical sword. Below in the river's circuitous course roars and foams the rebel water and the big rocks stuck in the breach remind bridges over the river.

    "The Path of Miracles"

Not far from there is the Path of miracles – a favourite vacation place of residents and guests of the republic. Here, on a rocky spur, above the narrow gorge of Fiagdon, there are bridges and narrow paths, where one can walk around enjoying the magnificence of the local landscape under roaring sounds of the river.

There is a styled “Sword of blood enemies” sticking out right of the stone on the path. The legend says that once upon a time a hunter noticed a traveler in trouble on a narrow path over the precipice. The man was his blood enemy and he could have died from his sword. The hunter didn’t want to meet or even help his enemy, but his honour was above all. So he saved him from death. They forgave each other and stuck the sword of feud into the stone as a sign of reconciliation, becoming brothers.

There is a mountain zoo, located along one of the areas of the Path of miracles, where you can watch brown bears and leopards.