Restaurants and bars


The round shape of the room combined with the dim light and atrium ceiling make the atmosphere of the restaurant light and solemn at the same time.

Exquisite European and local cuisine, the wine list and the live music will make your evening in the “Azimuth” restaurant unforgettable.

Opening hours:
From 11:00 till 23:00

Breakfast in the ”Wind Rose” recreation centre – is a serious reason to wake up earlier!
Elegant buffet is included in the price and is provided for all categories of rooms. We shall meet you with our smiles and light music.

The range of breakfast counts more than 20 items of hot and cold dishes and can satisfy any taste and appetite: fresh vegetables, snack, porridge, omelette and fried eggs, pancakes, corn flakes and muesli, dried fruits, jam, homemade jam, natural yoghurt and kefir, honey, milk, fresh fruits, local bakery products, baguettes and homemade bread in assortment, coffee, tea, juice, drinking water.

You will be full of energy and optimism after a healthy breakfast. Exquisite dishes of European and Asian cuisine, a wine list and live music will make your evening in “Azimut” restaurant unforgettable.

Breakfasts are set from 08:30 till 11:00

    Lobby bar

Luxury lobby with its comfortable furniture - is a perfect place for meetings and rest.
Here you can enjoy a cup of hot coffee or fragrant tea.
You can order delicious desserts, ice-cream or a piece of cake. Different drinks and snacks are at your service.

Opening hours:
from 11:00 till 23:00

    Cafe "Rose Of The Winds"

The cafe is located on the territory of the complex. The interior is made in ethnic style. The kitchen specializes in national dishes, here you can taste Ossetian pies, and one of the best barrows cooks a barbecue for you according to a traditional recipe.

    “Criollo” Coffee House

Barista makes delicious coffee with different additives. You can drink it in a cozy atmosphere or take it in a comfortable take-away glass. To get a unique taste, barista mix different kinds of beans from all over the world. The important point is that each guest can choose the desired strength, additives and the temperature of his drink. This will help you to take into consideration all individual preferences. To add more flavor to your coffee, just chose topping, syrup, cream, chocolate or cinnamon. The menu includes delicious desserts and different drinks: iced coffee, special coffee, vanilla latte, cocoa, mocha.